Brunei Press holds Recycling Day

BRUNEI Press Sdn Bhd yesterday conducted a Recycling Day for its team members and QAF Brunei subsidiaries as part of the company’s CSR programme, Brunei Press Reach Out, which was launched last November.

Staff members of Brunei Press and QAF Brunei came together to bring recyclable items from their homes in support of the recycling activity.

The drop-off point was the CPS building in Beribi with items sorted out into categories such as plastic, paper and metal.

General Manager of Brunei Press, Reggie See, who was among those present at the activity, noted that Brunei Press practises recycling to nurture a green habit at work and at home. It is also practised to care for the environment and to minimise wastage and consumption of raw materials and resources, he added.

The activity serves to encourage the spirit of recycling in the Brunei Press and QAF Brunei family and proceeds from the recycling items, which was collected by Daikyo, will be donated to charity.