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Brunei Press, 66, and going strong

Leading printer and publisher, Brunei Press Sdn Bhd celebrated its 66th anniversary!

The publishing house began on November 7, 1953 printing newsletters for expatriates in a weekly edition of Borneo Bulletin. By 1990, it became a daily newspaper.

Within the same period, Commercial Printing Services (CPS) was incepted. Today, CPS has its own building, offering the highest quality printing solutions in the country and other creative services.

Last October, Borneo Bulletin made its presence felt across the social media platform by reaching 100,000 followers on the company’s Instagram platform. The company held a staff gathering at its main office in Beribi yesterday to mark the two significant milestones.

QAF Brunei Group CEO Albert Lau in his remarks described the occasion as a “major achievement” which requires a lot of hard work from the team. He advised the staff to embrace technology and learn to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment.

“Learn new trades, learn new skills and never be afraid to come up with new ideas that you feel will be beneficial to the business,” he said.

Former Brunei Press General Manager Hazizah Osman thanked all team members, past and present, for their hard work and dedication. She encouraged staff to further focus on quality, increase productivity and be innovative.

Borneo Bulletin and its Malay counterpart, Media Permata revamped their layout and content this year, with positive response from readers. With more local stories, the content for both newspapers are set to improve further in months to come.

Group Finance Manager Mary Loh, Human Resource Manager Julinda Dharmawan and staff from all Brunei Press departments were present for the event. They were treated to scrumptious food and had fun photo opportunities in-front of a giant backdrop depicting the front page of the first issue of Borneo Bulletin.

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